Darinka Blagaj

Darinka Blagaj has been quantum leaping her life for 31 years as an internationally recognized visual fine artist, dreaming up a new Culture of Now. Her work is based on intuition, spontaneity and a deep love of fun and play, and has exhibited in Toronto, NYC, Las Angeles, Vancouver, Mexico, Madrid, Germany, and Amsterdam.

Darinka is known for her spontaneous drawing and paintings in the moment. Her charcoal drawings, gestural figure drawings & paintings, inspired elemental colour fields, whimsical characters, Urban Totems, Goddess drawings & paintings, Spirit Portraits, and Performance Art. Darinka’s style versatility & fluidity is laced with her simple & complex compositions, making a compelling character who occupy dream and optional timeline spaces with presence & essence. They look and feel real. She holds a Hon BFA in graphic design, marketing and philosophy. And is the originator of IX Art – York University.

Darinka is a Founder of Aleila Festival of Expressive and Healing Arts – an experiential playshop retreat for adults and children, bridging creativity and fine art expression with alternative healing. You’ll discover how to approach the “blank page” with excitement, confidence, and gusto. No drawing experience necessary to be prepared to find your own space in the quantum field.