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Summer 2020 Roster to be announced:
April 30, 2020

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Voice Acting • Makeup Effects • Motion Capture • Day of the Jedi • Animation

Voice Acting & Demo
Tracey Moore
2 Sessions

Make-Up & Effects
Charles Porlier
2 Sessions

Commercial Voice
MasterClass w/
John Stocker



Character Creation


August 16th, in the year of 2019

DAY OF THE JEDI invites YOU to take a warriors journey with three epic events.

The force is strong with you. You have learned well. Time to face the challenge ahead.

You must rise to the warrior ways of the ancients from the Eastern Sun to the Northern Ridges.

Walk in the heroes way before you don the suit of the MoCap. Go swiftly.

Work with master sensei from Victoria’s oldest Kung Fu Club -Wong Sheung Kung Fu, training and learning forms and weaponry used by the real JEDI knights from your favorite movies…

Use your Elven archery skills in a game of strategic combat. Two Teams, Bows and Arrows, and Padding. We provide the referees and support, to maximize the fun..

Time for target practice – the Viking way!  Eat great BBQ from Jones – and have at ‘er! Its just like bowling – only with axes…

CHECK out our Spring 2020 sessions!

Everyone is welcome, but these classes are presented with
SPECIAL OFFERS for past KRE8 participants with our thanks!

March Classes will be offered with one-on-one instruction with
Tracey Moore, Original Voice and Voice Director of Sailor Moon.


FEB 15-22, 2020

Tracey Moore voice
and demo workshop

6 days and 24 hours of intensive one-on-one with Tracey Moore

Learn industry overview, how to break down characters and scripts, get in-studio experience and record your own characters from real industry scripts with direction by Tracey.

Take home an edited professional quality demo of your work.

March 7 & 8, 2020 (Sat & Sun)
1-5 PM – $60.00

Creating a Character

Using ensemble scripts
Work with other actors on-mic to voice scripts and scenes. Audition voices and sample your techniques with feedback and direction from Tracey.

Designed specially to take you a step further into creating your own characters and working with actual voice scenes with fellow actors – like a real studio!

This workshop is open ONLY to people who have previously taken Tracey Moore’s Voice Demo class.

March 12 & 13, 2020 (Thur & Fri)
5-9 PM – FREE for Past Participants*

Voicing and advertising

Using real advertising scripts on-mic
Improve your on-mic technique and read real advert scripts with coaching from Tracey to develop approaches and techniques to do a great read.

Get the confidence you need to deliver the way you know you can!

*This class is FREE and offered ONLY to those who have previously taken John Stocker’s Masterclass

March 14 & 15, 2020 (Sat & Sun)
1-5 PM – $75.00 

Voicing and advertising

Using real advert scripts on mic

Get one-on-one coaching using advertising scripts. Learn approaches to text that you can count on.

Gain some on mic savvy and get yourself started on the future you want in voicing.

This class welcomes all participants – no experience necessary 10% discount for past KRE8Studio participants.

New Students Past KRE8 Participants

April 4, 2020 (Thur & Fri)
10 AM – 4 PM – $60.00

Create YOUR Character

6 hours of instruction
Explore your own voice ad techniques to create workable characters for your own repertoire.

A full day of experimentation and on-mic technique that gets you working in ensemble to make scripts and characters come alive.

Solidify your own creations so you can work with them in any situation guided by one of the best – Tracey Moore!


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“Sailor Moon Says”

In my travels as the Original Sailor Moon and Director of that series, I am astounded by the intelligence and talent that I am always encountering in a truly new generation of many differing voices aspiring to be heard.

Into a world of ever-increasing RE-creation and instant imitation, KRE8Studio hopes to be a place that will encourage and create enlivening projects that infuse new thoughts. new stories, and new ideas into a world and a market that desperately needs an original inspiring voice… YOURS!

In SUMMER 2019, we added IMAGE creation to VOICE creation. I invited AWARD WINNING original image makers to get you exploring & creating physically online and pairing it WITH your own voice!

In 2020 we will be exploring actual multilevel creation, whether its a small animation or creating your own podcast or Youtube channel to get your ideas and creations into the world. Come, have fun, and KRE8!

With much love,