DIY Animation Stop Motion
with Ezra Istiroti


Ezra has worked for clients like McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., The Coca-Cola Co. and Disney-Santillana in Mexico as well as companies such as TELUS, Hootsuite, The Faculty of Medicine at UBC, Yumebau, Goldtooth Creative, Blink Media and the SFU Beedie School of Business in Vancouver. With over 15 years experience in media production, later focusing in motion graphics, art direction and project management, Ezra continues to challenge himself with every project he takes, always trying to learn something new from every experience while finding a better way to achieve the desired goal.

For KRE8STUDIO, Ezra will be offering a 3 session course to get YOU animating your own short:

DIY Animation – Stop Motion

Ezra will be offering a 3 session course to get YOU animating your own short story animation to take home.

Whether its a greeting, a Lego showdown, or just your shoes taking themselves for a walk, you will learn everything,  hands-on, to create you own animation and animate your voice.

Three types of approaches will be offered: Dragon Frame, cell phone and set camera.

All sessions are three-hours long, each day, from 2pm-5pm in the afternoon.

Equipment will be provided by Pacific Design Academy.

All registrants will be given a detailed course breakdown upon registration.


Day one: Start at the beginning:
Learn the basics of animation: timing, movement and fundamentals. Then move on to learning how to create and light a small set, and finally, conceptualizing the short story that will become your masterpiece!

Day two: Lights, camera…. action:
Set up your tables and cameras for shooting, learn the basic roles for production, and the optimum workflow thats used for producing animation. Choose your animation technique: Dragon Frame, cellphone or set camera and GET SHOOTING!

Day three: Post Production:
You’ll delve deeper into post production software, like Adobe After Effects, and do some colour correction to enhance your story, and maybe add some sound. At the end of the day, no matter which method you used, (Dragon frame, cellphone or camera) you will finish with your story rendered as a video that you can share!


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