August 16th, in the year of 2019


invites YOU to take a warriors journey with three epic events.

The force is strong with you. You have learned well. Time to face the challenge ahead.

You must rise to the warrior ways of the ancients from the Eastern Sun to the Northern Ridges.

Walk in the heroes way before you don the suit of the MoCap. Go swiftly.

If you are interested in game dev, animation creation, animation voicing, character development – this action packed day will give you valuable hands on insight to create from the inside out. Do the two day package and take your experience with you into the MoCap studio at Beyond-Capture Studio Vancouver, the next day! Watch yourself in video immersion as you battle like a video hero. Complete with take-away demo.

Jedi Training- Wong Sheung Kung Fu 

You will work with master sensei from Victoria’s oldest Kung Fu Club- the ones who train the sacred Lion Dancers. Wong Sheung Kung Fu carries on the ancient form of Hung Fut, developed over 400 years ago by the Shaolin Monastery.

With this training, you will learn forms and weaponry used by the real JEDI knights from your favourite movies – and some of Victoria’s best improve actors will be on hand to set you up in scenes from Star Wars and Sailor Moon, so you can move in character, take a video, and use these scenes in Mocap the next day. JEDI Kung Fu / Sailor Moon scenes will be a part of the actual video characters you appear as when you wear the MoCap suit. Take home the video of your Virtual self as a game character. (See Mocap).


Its time to visit middle earth and use your Elven archery skills in a game of strategic combat. Elven or Ork – this will test your mettle.

Two Teams, Bows, Shafts, Bunkers, Smoke, Lasers- Oh…and Padding. Lots of Padding.

We provide referee and support, to maximize the fun.

Axe Throwing

Time for target practice – the Viking way!  Eat great BBQ from Jones – and have at ‘er!

Its just like bowling – only with axes. Easy to do, coaches on to hand get you throwing and you’ll be hooked.

The most fun you can have and not get arrested!


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