Voice Acting and Demo with Tracey Moore


Tracey Moore

original voice of Sailor Moon; voice/casting director, Sailor Moon, Highlander, Mythic Warriors, Bad Dog, more

Over a 30 year career, Tracey Moore’s work in animation has garnered accolades: from Disney channel awards to directing /voicing Emmy Award-winning series. She has been an in-house casting and voice director at Nelvana.

Tracey is known worldwide for voicing such beloved characters as ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘George Shrinks’ , Shrieky/Hugs/Share in ‘Care Bears’, Marcus in ‘Flying Rhino Junior High’, Ned in ‘Neds Newt’, ‘Strawberry Shortcake’, and many others.

Spring 2020 Session – March 14-22, 2020

Animation VOICE DEMO Workshop

Limited enrolment – Apply early!


This 6 day workshop, which includes the introduction seminar, has limited enrolment.

Participants will work one-on-one in studio with Tracey, using industry scripts to develop characters and complete their own professionally produced voice demo through over 24 hours of instruction!

Day One: Evening | March 14, 2020: 5:30pm-9:30pm
An evening of AV presentation and an overview of the voicing industry, looking at actual shows and productions as a participant… Explore how the market works, where and how your voice is used, and differing aspects of the industry, including Series, Mocap, Agents and the “Biz”, as well as an on-mic start with Tracey directing, followed by Q and A .

Day Two: Workshop | March 15, 2020 : 5:30pm-9:30pm
– Discussion of scripts/character types
– Audition script assignment
– Recording of two auditions; one-on-one feedback with Tracey Moore
– MP3 sent home

Day Three: Workshop | March 17, 2020 : 5:30pm-9:30pm
– Reassignment of animation scripts (minimum of 2 recordings per evening)
– Feedback and one-on-one recording with Tracey Moore
– MP3 sent home – beginning selection of customized sides for demo

Day Four: Studio | March 18, 2020 : 5pm-9pm
– Studio/mic techniques
– Continued one-on-one recording/MP3 sent home

Day Five: Studio | March 21, 2020 : 1pm-5pm
– Final selection of sides and one-on-one recording with Tracey Moore
– Sides edited for final Mp3 Demo

Day Six: Studio | March 22, 2020 : 1pm-5pm
-Additional tweaking and final recordings in studio
-Demo delivered for each participant with written critique by Tracey Moore within two weeks


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